Acapella is a young lifestyle and fashion brand from Monterrey, MX. I am responsible for their branding and I work continuously with them to create new collection concepts, products, and promotional materials. I also designed and coded their online store's template.


After creating the Acapella logo, I worked on creating everything from a styleguide to the labels and hang tags, and even the brand's tagline "Wear It Proudly". I work closely with Acapella in maintaning brand consistency through art direction and design.

t-shirt designs

So far, I've designed two of their Collection lines. The Acapella staple is the graphic tee, and so I worked to create an iconic collection of products based on their initial concept. Each collection had its own unique concept. The first, the Debut Collection, marked Acapella's launch and it revolved around the idea of making a lasting impression. The second collection, the Sophomore Collection, needed to establish Acapella as more than a one-hit-wonder. It used the tagline "Here to Stay".

Below are some samples.

The site uses the Big Commerce platform for a CMS. I designed the site based on one of Big Commerce's templates then modified the HTML and CSS to look like the design. Check out the site here.






branding code design