For two years, we were in charge of BAV Consulting's web presence. Starting by redesigning and rebuilding BAV Consulting's site, we also designed their new offerings' site, BAV Insights, redesigned and rebuilt a webapp, and maintaned their sites, which included constant changes and additions, including a recent sitewide redesign.

Throughout the two years we worked with BAV, the site received many alterations and additions. The site, built in Wordpress, recently underwent a major design revision, which introduced a new navigation, improved layouts for several pages—including the Homepage and the Contact page,—and additional functionality such as an in-site newsletter, a newsletter sign up form, and a registration flow to keep track of who's using their app.

You can check out the site here.

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When BAV wanted to roll out a new set of offerings, BAV Insights, they came to us and we worked hand in hand with them to create a site which would have a unique Look and Feel which would differentiate it from BAV Consulting while remaining true to the BAV brand.

You can see more here.

bav video

For BAV we also created a 4-minute motion graphics animation to promote the company. I created a rough storyboard, direction panels, a finalized storyboard (from which you can see frames below) and finally the animation. I also edited the audio, in which we had a professional voice actor participate.

You can check out the video here.


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