This iOS 7 Music app redesign concept introduces new functionality, as well as UI revisions, in order to improve the app's usability.

up next

The one thing I've been waiting for for a long time is Apple adding 'Up Next' to the iOS app, and it just doesn't come, so I decided to explore how that would work. Just swipe left from the 'Now Playing' screen to view upcoming songs.


While overall the use of text instead of icons on iOS 7, there are some places where, because a lot of users are so familiar with Apple's iconography, icons can be reintroduced to clean up the UI.


Icons replace the text at the very top of the Playlists view.

do more with songs

Right now, sliding a song left just lets you delete the song. I propose that instead a menu appears which lets you go to the song's artist or album, add the song to your Up Next queue, or delete.

now playing

Icons are introduced at the bottom to make the layout cleaner, and a new scrub bar is introduced (with a larger click area).

new lock screen

A Lock Screen that is more consistent with the Music app is introduced. You can also access Up Next directly from the Lock Screen.

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