There are a variety of other projects that either weren't developed fully or aren't big enough for a dedicated project page. From iOS game concepts to illustrations and websites, here they are.


Another iOS game concept developed by William Anderson, Mathlings was to be an educational app for kids and adults. This was the original design concept for the application and some of the illustration I made for it.

crumble kingdom

This game concept was developed by Anthony Conta, from Urban Island Games, who worked with us on Weamon. I was responsible for the UI, but I only got to do the main game screen design as the project was put on hold.


I do this from time to time. I eventually plan to add a project on its own with a few of these, but for now, I'll leave you with one sketch.


The Squarekery was a project I started with my sister. The idea was to make square-shaped little desserts with all-natural or organic ingredients. We ran into some roadblocks and given that my sister was 15 at the time and other things seemed more important, we put the project on hold. I did, however, develop the branding and a little coming-soon site.






design illustration