NewsRight, now part of MoreOver Technologies, needed their site to be redesigned to be more contemporary. While the end design was simple and clean, it relied on custom-made illustrations to stand out visually and call attention to important content.


For the site, I created three kinds of illustrations: icons, product concept images, and slideshow illustrations. The first, the icons, were probably the most challenging, as they had to communicate an idea in very little space and with a single color. The rest of the illustrations were easier to imagine, but more complex in production. I created a palette and defined the visual style, with approval from the Client, before moving forward. Here are the end results.

NewsRight's old site felt antiquated; there was a disconnect between what the site made the company out to be and what it really was: a premium content and data provider for publishers. Furthermore, it wasn't really clear what NewsRight could do for publishers. The redesign, in terms of visuals and in terms of structure, addressed these issues.

Unfortunately the site has been taken down, but below are some screens of the approved design.

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