Parsons The New School for Design asked us for two things: redesign their School of Design Strategies website, and reimagine and develop their print journals as digital publications. The result: the new SDS site, and Design Dialogues.

school of design strategies website

I worked together with the staff at the School of Design Strategies to redesign the school's site.

Originally, the site was basically a blog with very little variety of content. The redesign asked us to rethink the site not only from a visual perspective, but from an information point of view as well. The idea was to make the site a more valuable resource for a lot of people: students, faculty, alumni, prospective students, and more.

Read more about the project here, or visit the site.

design dialogues

The Design Dialogues site was created more as a reading platform and application than a blog or an extension of a print publication. The site was developed by us at Index.

You can read more about this project here or go directly to the site.

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