SIXTWENTY is an online essentials clothing brand that focuses on bringing designer-quality, US-made basics to women at a fraction of the price. I work constantly with the founder, Angeli Tarsadia, in producing content for the site, as well as promotional materials.

the month-to-month

A variety of content, ranging from email blast designs to social media promotional images, is produced each month for SIXTWENTY. The brand's image is minimal, elegant, and basic. The focus each month is to keep the materials consistent with the brand, while adding a unique twist where possible.

You can check out the site, for which I created the final design based on previous materials, here.

sixtwenty tumblr

For SIXTWENTY, I also designed and coded a Tumblr theme. You can check the blog out here, or head to my Tumblr Themes project page and read about more themes I've designed and coded.






code design