TRESESENTA Workout Studio is a gym and health center in Monterrey, MX. I was in charge of the branding, as well as ongoing printed and digital promotional materials.


I worked alongside the architects at Barco Estudio to create the concept around which the branding would be designed. The concept focused around 5 different terms, which were translated into areas of the gym: strength, discipline, balance, stamina and speed.

These 5 ideas corresponded to each of the areas of the gym: strength training, yoga and other classes, nutritionist services, cardio machines and a spinning room. By branding each area with its own color, a visual language was developed that helps associate the color with an activity, making communication between members of the gym (flyers, schedules, routines, etc.) easier to understand. The final result is below.

promotional materials

I continue to work on promotional materials and stationary for the gym from time to time. Below are some examples.


tresesenta workout studio




branding design