Weamon was our first game at Index Interactive. The concept, developed by William Anderson, was to create a monster-fighting game which was affected by real-world data; in this case, the weather. I was in charge of the app's UI and some of the illustration/design for promotional materials.
Weamon is available for iOS in the App Store.

the app

Weamon was a project that took us over a year to complete, and many people worked on it. While I was responsible for the UI design and had minor management responsibilities, the team was led by William Anderson, who also created the concept, designed the monsters, and programmed the application. The rest of the team included:

  • Yi-Ting Anderson. She created a bunch of amazing promotional illustrations and was in charge of the in-game monster animations. She also did all the background illustrations for the different weather conditions, as well as the weather icons displayed in the top hub. Be sure to check her portfolio out!
  • Anthony Conta. He was Lead Game Designer and sort out most of the magic maths behind the game.
  • Ben Hayes. Initial game designer for the game, he designed the game mechanics.
  • Alberto Córdoba and Gerardo Guzman. Composers for the game. The music came out incredible. You can purchase it on iTunes!

Below are some screenshots of the app.

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  • 2
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  • 6

website and video

For the project, I also designed a simple promotional site. In the site, you can also see the promotional video we made for the Kickstarter project. Yi-Ting and I worked on the graphics, and I edited the video and audio.


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